How To Get Rid Of Lice At Home (Naturally!)

Best video we've ever made! This 10 minute video teaches you exactly how to use the Coco Loco Total Nit Kit. How to check lice, section, comb out nits. It shows you how to do it, and also what you are looking for! This video has it all!

How to use Coco Loco Leave in Lice Treatment

This 2 minute video shows you the three ways to use Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment. You can:

SATURATE to treat a case of head lice, MIST on the 'shell' of the hair to prevent lice, and spray lightly on any fabric surfaces like: couches, pillows, stuffed animals, carseats, backpacks, etc. Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment Spray is the BEST LICE TREATMENT PRODUCT ON THE MARKET!

Lice Treatment For Teens!

Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment Spray is PERFECT for busy teens. It eliminates hatched lice fast, it makes hair soft..and the BEST part is..NO NEED TO RINSE IT OUT! It dries BEAUTIFULLY in hair!

How to use Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo

Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo contains Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment. It eliminates lice quickly. Rinse, condition, style, and go! (NOTE: we recommend purchasing a NitNabber Lice Comb to comb out all the eggs. Topical lice products do not kill eggs, they need to be combed off the head.

How to check or treat a boy/short hair

A lice infestation on very short hair (a boy cut) is different because you can clip the hair into sections. This 1 minute video teaches you how to comb lice off of a boy (after using Coco Loco All Natural Treatment Spray or Apple Attack Lice Shampoo).

How To Treat A Toddler At Home For Lice

In this 1.5 minute video, we share our suggested strategy for treating a toddler at home for lice. We always suggest doing shorter 'sessions' but more frequently. Like every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Hope it helps!

"Dry Lice Check" for moms with short/fine hair

If you are an adult, and your hair is not long or thick, this 3.5 minute video will show you how to check yourself. You just need a NitNabber or Nit Free Lice Comb.

top 5 myths about lice

In this 1.5 minute video you will learn 5 IMPORTANT MYTHS that many people still believe about head lice!

Can pets get lice? What should you clean in the house? Does everyone itch? Can't you just buzz a boys head? Do lice jump from head to head? You've got questions...we've got answers!

Live Lice on a pillowcase

EVERYONE panics about lice left behind on a bed or pillow! This video show you EXACTLY what happens if a louse is stranded on a pillow.

How to Clean a Nit Nabber Comb

In this 1.5 minute video, we teach you the fastest easiest way to clean a NitNabber or Nit Free Lice Comb. (You can also just put it in the dishwasher, and the blast of hot air that takes the water spots off the glasses, dehydrates and sanitizes the lice comb. (No need to boil a lice comb to clean it).

NitNabber Lice comb - Watch it work!

18 months, 6 prototypes, one patent and a trademark later...we designed the world's best lice comb! Slightly tapered teeth glide through the hair, it's sealed on both sides, parallel microgrooving is less likely to shred hair, it's double sided for more durability. Watch this video and you will see what we are talking about.

Braids & Buns For Beginners (Lice Prevention!)

In this 13 minute video, we show you how to do a easy basic braid, and two easy styles of pretty buns. Braids & Buns are the BEST & CHEAPEST way to PREVENT LICE!

This is super lice!... It's a real thing.

Maybe you've heard of "Super Lice"? It's regular lice, but over the years, lice have become RESISTANT to chemical based (pyrethroid) products. Here is what we happened when we pitted Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment against the leading brand of OTC lice shampoo.

Zombie Lice

We call 'Super Lice'...'Zombie Lice' because they are 'walking dead'. The more pyrethroids (Rid/Nix) they are exposed to...the more they RESIST the treatment. They won't become immune to Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment because it's the same enzyme base (protease) they kick out to molt! We have 30,000 happy customers! If there was a BETTER product on the market...we would be using it!

Watch how fast lice move on hair

We filmed this with our iphone. It's CRAZY how fast lice can move on human hair! This is ACTUAL SPEED. (No wonder they are so hard to catch!).

Project Hope

As  high school junior, my 17 year old daughter, Lola,  spent part of her summer break in a refugee camp in Costa Rica.  While there, she discovered that they did not know the best lice treatment options. She treated the children, and trained the staff on how to get rid of lice effectively. (All using her high school Spanish!)

pam& lola's thailand excellent adventure in thailand

My daughter Lola and I  went to an orphanage in Thailand and treated 60 kids for lice over 2 days. We taught staff and volunteers how to get rid of lice, and the best lice treatment. Here is their adventure (2.5 minutes). When we got home, we made a simple tutorial for staff and volunteers with Thai subtitles. Enjoy!