How to use Coco Loco Leave in Lice Treatment

Teen applies Coco Loco on herself

How to Clean a Nit Nabber Comb

How to use Apple Attack Shampoo

Complete instructions on how to effectively use Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo

DIY Comb Out at home

Tutorial on proper technique to do full lice comb out 

Live Lice on a pillowcase

Watch what a louse would do on a pillowcase.

Coco Loco on live lice

Live lice don't stand a chance against Coco Loco Leave in Lice Treatment

How to check for lice at home

"Once A Week - Take A Peek!". Watch this 4 minute video on how to check for lice at home. All you need is a GOOD nit comb (we recommend The Terminator Nit Comb), and some water. (Don't use the plastic combs. Next best thing is a good metal flea comb!)

How mom's can check their own hair

If you have a good nit comb (we recommend The Terminator Nit Comb), this video will show you how you can 'dry comb' your hair, over the bathroom sink, to check for lice or nits. (This won't work well for long, thick, or curly hair).

Zombie Lice

What is zombie superlice and how does it effect me?

What to buy at the Dollar Tree

We LOVE Dollar Tree! There are three things we suggest you get: two brushes for each girl or woman in your house, colored ponytail holders (to 'color code' the brushes), and one or two of the sticky/masking tape type lint rollers. Watch the video to see our favorites!

Project Hope

This high school senior spent part of her summer break in a refugee camp in Costa Rica.  While there she discovered that 80% of the children she checked had lice.  She treated the children,  and trained the staff on how to effectively treat lice.