Coco Loco Lice Treatment Product Videos

So Easy To Use Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment Spray!

 We LOVE our Coco Loco Treatment Spray! It destroys hatched lice quickly, it's all natural & non-toxic, but the BEST part is IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE RINSED OUT! No messy, oily, time consuming steps. JUST ONE 5 MIN. STEP TO APPLY! 

How To Use Your Total Nit Survival Kit

Probably the best video we have ever made! This 10 minute video shows you EVERYTHING you need to know to check or treat a case of lice!

How To Coco Loco Apple Attack Shampoo

Apply 2-4 oz. of Coco Loco Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo to wet hair. Allow to sit at least 5 minutes. Rinse. Option to follow with any hair conditioner you prefer. Destroys hatched lice. (Note: eggs/nits need to be combed off. We recommend NitNabber: Worlds Best Lice Comb. Please watch tutorial videos).

NitNabber: World's Best Lice Comb - Watch It Work!

  It only took us 2 years, 8 prototypes, 1 patent, and 1 trademark to create the very best lice comb! For us, it's even better than the Nit Free Terminator Comb. More durable, easier to clean, tapered teeth glide more easily through hair. We've used it on over 20,000 happy customers. We love it and so will you! 

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Please Note

Be advised that we do not ship any of our  all natural lice treatment products internationally at this time.