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We are a full service, professional lice treatment salon.   We offer services: in our salon, in your home, school & camp checks.   Trust Picky Pam at the Beach lice experts to treat you with care and ensure that you are lice free.

All Natural Products

100% natural products designed to kill live lice on contact.  No insecticides or toxins...

Our products have been designed to kill live lice on contact.  The products are all  natural made with no chemical additives, toxins or insecticides (such as Pyrethroids or Malathion) and are effective and safe for use on consumers of all ages.  



We have been in the professional lice removal business since 2012.  We've heard and seen it all.  Let us share our knowledge with you.  We cover most commonly asked questions and bust lice myths.  Our tutorials will walk you through most common lice situations.

September is Lice Awareness Month. Book Pam for a free 10 minute "Lice Advice" for your school

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