Project hope - Head lice outreach prevention & education

In 2017, Pam's daughter Lola  set up a lice treatment program for Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award (Equivilant to Eagle Scout). Here is her short video. This started Project HOPE - a self-funded passion project for Pam & Lola/Picky Pam at the Beach. Thanks for watching!

PROJECT HOPE (HEAD LICE outreach prevention & education)

Lola's Story......

In 2016, Pam's daughter Lola went to a FIMRC Clinic helping Nicaraguan refugees near San Jose, Costa Rica. For her Girl Scout Gold Award, Lola set up a lice treatment & prevention protocol for clinics, group homes, orphanages, & shelters around the world. 

If you know of an organization that could benefit from our help, please let us know.(

Project hope - Head lice Outreach prevention & education

NikkisPlace.Org We Checked 60 Girls...Treated 40!

Lola and Pam spent a few hot days getting to know some very VERY sweet girls at Nikki's Place, an orphanage in Chaing Mai, Thailand. These beautiful children were surrounded by music, and education, and fun, and friendship, and most of all..LOVE!

We had a steady stream of beautiful angels through our 'salon'! It was a privilege and honor . What an AMAZING experience! As you can imagine, we can't wait to go BACK! 

Pam & Lola Treat At An Orphanage in Thailand

In April 2019, Pam and her Daughter (Lola) spent a couple days at Nikki's Place in Chaing Mai, Thailand. They checked 60 girls, and treated 40 for lice. We had an AMAZING adventure. Hope you enjoy our 2.5 minute video. We can't wait to go back! We even got to hang with ELEPHANTS!

Helping Homeless (LOTS - Life On The Streets)

The Crossing, a wonderful church in Costa Mesa, CA has a wonderful program to help homeless. Pam & Lola help checking, treating, and donating product for lice outbreaks. (Note: the loud music was from a boombox near us, we had no control over the volume, feel free to mute & read subtitles!)

 Tutorial: How To Check & Treat For Lice (Thai Subtitles)

This 11 minute tutorial is designed for shelters, orphanages, group homes, etc. All you need to check or treat for lice, is a lice comb. For this tutorial, all we suggest is maybe hair conditioner, to soften hair & make it easier to comb. We hope to translate this video into Vietnamese, in the future. View Thai & Spanish version: 

Recycle Used Nit Combs for Project Hope

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award (equivalent to Eagle Scout), Lola committed to establishing a 'lice comb recycling program' for head lice professionals to donate their used combs. Through our Project HOPE, we will sanitize them and put them into 'treatment kits' for homeless programs, shelters, & orphanages. 

Watch Our 1 Minute Sweet Project HOPE Video

Lola & Pam checked 60 beautiful angels at Nikki's Place (Agape Home), over 2 days. We treated 40 for lice (that is A LOT!) Here is a one minute overview of how we did it quickly & efficiently. 

We LOVE Girl Scouts!

Pam was a Girl Scout Leader for Lola's troop from Kindergarten through Senior year at HBHS. We hope Lola Gold Award Project will inspire other young women to make a difference!  What Lola started in 2017, will continue on for YEARS to come. Girl Scouts call it "The Power of One".