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Common Questions

1. Can my pets get lice?    

No, lice are “species specific”. Dogs and cats cannot get lice from contact with humans.

2.  I’m still itchy, why?

The itchiness is an allergic reaction to the saliva of the bugs feeding. It could take up to a week to subside, depending on the sensitivity. Continued itchiness could be caused by over-combing of the scalp with a nit comb, reaction to a new hair product, or “just thinking about it.”

3.  My daughter wears her hair in a braid or a bun every day. We use prevention spray, and I clean and vacuum every day. How could she get lice again?

Chances are your daughter is in close contact with someone who may have a severe case of lice, and might not be aware of it. Keep using the Apple Attack Treatment shampoo, 1 to 2 times per week for 2 to 3 weeks (gestation period for lice).       

4.  Why is a natural, enzyme based shampoo better than Rid or Nix?

Recent studies show the chemicals in Rid and Nix have extremely low success rates.  Coco Loco Lice Treatment is a natural enzyme-based treatment that dissolves the exoskeleton of a louse and kills them. Lice produce an enzyme in their bodies to get rid of their outer shell, as they grow. They cannot build up a resistance to our enzyme like they can using a chemical treatment like RID or NIX.

5.  If my son gets head lice, can’t I just Buzz Cut his hair?

NO! If you buzz cut his head (cutting the hair with scissors to a length of less than ½ inch), the hair is TOO SHORT for us to effectively comb off the eggs. The louse eggs are laid VERY close to the scalp. The Terminator Nit Free Comb needs at least about half an inch of hair to pull nits off. Please don’t ‘buzz cut’ for lice!

6.  My son/daughter plays sports and they sometimes share hats or helmets, is that how my child got lice?

Head to head and hair to hair contact is the most likely way to spread lice. Not sharing any hair or head accessories is a good habit to help prevent any possibility of spreading lice.

7. My child has lice; I’m embarrassed to tell my family and friends. Who should I tell?

It’s important to notify everyone in your close circle to prevent a re-infestation. Most people are grateful that they were notified and can get their child checked for lice. See our brochure for LICE ADVICE: 5 Tips for busy parents.

8.  I think I found something suspicious on my child’s head, what should I do?

Continue to use our Coco Loco Treatment Spray or  Apple Attack Treatment Shampoo twice a week for two weeks (lice gestation period). We are not able to do complementary rechecks. We do have an after hour’s option for rechecks by appointment ($35 per person).  

9.  My daughter was treated recently; no one else in my family is ‘itchy’. Should I have them checked anyway?

We highly recommend checking everyone in the family so that lice don’t continue to spread among family members. Itchiness from lice only affects about 50% of the people, so it’s very possible to have a lice infestation without being itchy.

10. I can’t afford to have my whole family professionally treated. What should I do?

We suggest purchasing our patented Apple Attack Lice Treatment Shampoo and a Terminator Nit Free Comb.  Watch the 4 minute tutorial video (here). Continue using the Shampoo at least twice a week, until no more lice or nits are visible when you wipe the comb on a baby wipe or damp paper towel.


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